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Rock 95’s Super Pool is BACK! We’re giving 100 lucky people the chance to win a 75" 4K UHD SMARTCAST LED TV!


Be listening for your chance to grab a spot on our Super Pool grid...or click here to register for your bonus chance.

It’s our way of making this year’s game a little more interesting, and no matter who's playing, you have something to cheer for!

Rock 95’s Super Pool Contest – on Barrie’s Rock Station. Rock 95.

Rock 95’s Super Pool Grid Rules and Regulations

1 square will be granted per person. If it is discovered that someone has won multiple squares then they’ll be deemed ineligible and be disqualified.

The “squares” will be filled out as they’re awarded in sequence. Once all 100 Squares are awarded the “Score Numbers “will be assigned randomly.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of each quarter to the corresponding square that has the intersecting two numbers of that score.

Winners will be named in real time with their corresponding prize online on the Rock 95 Super Pool Grid.

How A Football Squares Work:
The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams' score, and then matching those numbers on the grid and seeing which square intersects those two numbers. An example would be if the Miami Dolphins were playing the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, and the final score was Miami Dolphins 23, and NY Giants 14. The last number for the Dolphins is 3, and the last number for the Giants is 4. The square on the grid that has the Dolphins with a number of 3, and Giants score of 4, would be the winner.